A Generation faced with Degradation

We are degrading our senses. It’s simple: we overstimulate them and our nerves have to work a lot less hard to be in touch. So they get lazy. Same principle as drugs.

Our eyes we degrade by constantly looking into the bright fake light of our numerous screens. No more need for 3D- focus, our minds get flattened, and the subtle muscles in our forehead ooze.

Our ears, we destroy by the headphones we shove in them. Again, loss of depth perception and the sounds vibrate so hard that we gradually lose our hearing spectrum.

Our taste and smell are now so used to the enormous variety of strong exotic products, that the subtle flavours of regional products are perceived as less alive than they may have been. We constantly look for new nicer sensations and we sometimes forget what we already have.

Our skins are softened and depend more and more on the products we use on them. The infinite quantity of well designed sex toys and porn available here make the actual man-woman experience into something overly basic. We are coloured by the idea that this can and should feel better than it does. Distracted by the sensation it has become hard to detect love.

Our imagination is killed by endless imputs. Well put, ideal movies, beautiful books, great music; everthing we desire is available. No more need to wander off with the mind into the unexplored realms that our dreams have to offer.

We have become artificially stimulated beings. We have occupied the space of our experience with products. We’re losing touch with reality. I feel it worsen. Is this process reversible? I think so, in some cases at least. By decreasing the access to these products. Two ways possible: a parental, top down society filled with restrictions and an iron discipline. Which one are we going to choose?


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