A touch of Anger

Did you ever hear of the Club of Rome? They’re scientists. In 1972, they made a computer model taking up factors like the global population growth and technological innovations. The model showed that if mankind would take no global political actions, the human population will start its collapse around 2040. In 2004, they checked the model once more. It turns out that we’re on the right scheme to get in trouble in thirty years. While I am working with these data, the homepage of the NRC newspaper from the Netherlands reads the following message: the government cuts in scientific research. Which branch? Environment. A closer read reveals that with the money used for research, the government wants to compensate companies for doing that instead. A net increase in financial flow towards science paid with a decrease of scientific independence. The idea: environmental science needs to be profitable.

I have recently had several discussions -with my housemates for example- about the topic that we need to do something before it is too late. Their point: change yourself and you’ll change the world. I believe that there is a truth in that. But it does not take away the fact that we are governed by people who lack vision. It does not change the fact that a big part of our expenses is still completely retarded. Many of us are just sitting there looking in the other direction while we are heading towards an enormous iceberg and our captains fail to steer while they still can. When did we start calling cowardice wisdom? Are we really all going to stay put, filling ourselves with ailments and inner peace?

I am not suggesting that I can change the world from where I am. What I am saying is that we can not tolerate excuses that withhold us from doing all we can to keep the possibility to inhabit this world in the coming century. We need to turn the tide. All together. And I won’t rest until we do.


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