Back in Vienna

The building is huge. Not tall. Vast. Majestic. It radiates. It facades an infinite place with age old trees. I have no choice but to walk towards it. I sit down puzzled, and will stay here. I chose earlier to take just one picture of Vienna; here is where.

“I’d expected you twenty centimeters smaller and ten years older”. “I expected the same of you”. Thomas is my second host this week. With 1 m 99 he is just a centimeter taller than I am. He is also interested in studying cultures and religion. Does Capoeira. People ask if we are brothers. He is opening a cultural centre. I help him clean the garden. He invites me for diner, I cook for him. He takes me to his friends, I take him to mine. Meanwhile, we talk about many topics and sing the songs of the Flight of the Conchords.

The boy begins to cry, his face red of tears. “What did you do to him?” I ask Thomas. “I told him not to think about an elephant”. “Why are you crying?” asks Sabina to her son, Christopher. “I cannot stop thinking about an elephant.” he laments. We understand.


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