“You’re the man, right?” “I’m da man!” a high singing voice. I find him cool already. They serve my tea and I enter the big church hall to see a session of a man I’ve been hearing about for over two years.

The principle is simple. Isaac sits on a chair on stage. Whoever feels like it joins him on a slightly less comfy one and tells him how he or she feels. Those who come are not allowed to keep on talking, because that way the public is guided too much into their thoughts. We take a little distance from our minds together and see that all we need is inner peace.

“I’m afraid.” Silence. “I’m afraid that I will lose my family”. Isaac watches him carefully. “We sometimes say ‘I love you’, but who is it we love, then? Do you ever wonder who that is?” He directs the question to the public. The microphone goes around for people to answer. “A projection”. Says someone. She explains that if people say they love someone, in fact they follow a mental image. “Did you ever try to love yourself?” Asks Isaac. “Who is it you love, then? And who is it that loves?” It’s the joyful manner in which he speaks which makes this situation pleasant. And the topic of course. My mind’s eye shows me the fusion of clouds of consciousness into a common delight which I’d call love. I’d say that’s what ‘I love you’ means. But I don’t state that now. Why answer such questions out loud?

“I’m afraid I’ll lose my job.” People have all kinds of fears these days. Again, the careful observation. “Yes, that happens”. He turns to the public. “Did you ever try that?” To be afraid of losing your job? Why don’t we all try that for a little bit?” Everyone tries. “Did it help?” “No.” I notice how it slowly gets dark.

When the session is over, I shake his hand. “I could see you resonate”. He says. He’s right, in his presence, the people on stage moved me. I understand why my housemates like him.


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