Let’s vote per topic

I propose a new democracy.

The problem now, is that there is just one leader. But people are narrow minded. The one leader mainly looks at one topic. Instead, we need leaders and parties on each topic. And we should be able to vote that way.

There should be no time where education or environmental conservation is inferior to rebalancing the economy. They are interdependant. All should get attention. With dialogue from equal positions. Thus, the different topics need equal ambassadors.

What I propose is to have votes per topic. A leader for the economy, a leader for education and a leader for nature conservation. Equal experts. The system should work on guided dialogue instead of debate. With a leading comittee instead of one person.

Some ups and downs:


  • Topics are treated more equally.
  • People vote for what they find important.
  • More weighted decisions.
  • Joint learning in governance.
  • People are not forced to take decisions on topics they don’t care about.
  • With permanent in and outflow of representatives into the leading comittee, more continuity is ensured.


  • Equality of topics may hamper prioritizing points on the agenda.
  • The parliament would need restructuring, but who has the authority to do this?
  • More votes.
  • Hard decisions need consensus, slowing down the process.
  • Complex system.
  • Who has the authority to choose the topics to be represented?

The ups add to the current system, the downs are mostly structural and can be overcome. So let’s do it.


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