The Art of Talking

“They will probably ask you why you want to leave behind your friends in the Netherlands to work here. Here’s what you should say:”

I’m allergic to this kind of talk. People telling me what to do usually reach the opposite. But this lady has a special place in my heart.

“Tell them that indeed you’ll have to leave many friends and family behind. Tell them that you know that that will hurt. But tell them that this job has caught your heart, and that you have learned that if you follow your heart, things will rearrange around that. When you go there, don’t expect anything. Just enjoy what you see. Go there to meet them, and see who they are. Have fun. Then, the divine part of you will appear, and that’s what they will see.”

It’s not even the words, but the physical power she expresses below them that I admire. This woman knows how to speak honestly, and out of the depths of her self. It’s something I want to learn. But I find it scary somehow to do that for longer than twenty seconds.

Yesterday, on the street, someone told me that I talk too monotonously. To boring. Not enough passion. It’s true that I do. Something holds me back sometimes to show a person who I really am. What? Why?

Why is showing what I feel a complex thing? What sense does that make? No clue. But it’s not over.


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