We’re off. Zuzana, Eric, Henk and I are headed to a world of orange. I’m the only one in the group who’s wearing something orange. It doesn’t seem that way to me because they’re orange glasses which I got from a stranger during Euro Cup 2008 because they fit me better than her. In fact, it’s a different one, because actually, I exchanged this one with someone after the Netherlands lost the finals of World Cup 2010. This one’s less scratchy. Even the sky is orange.

For all foreigners: here’s a brief answer to the question why the Dutch love the colour Orange so much during their national events. It’s the queen. She’s called Beatrix from Orange. Did you know? Anyway, today is queensday. So Amsterdam is orange. Orange flags, orange clothes, strange orange hats, orange hairtypes… There’s even an orange drink circulating. It’s called oranjebitter.

People on boats, orange boats, are playing surprisingly good music. We are crossing street party after street party and in fact, the music of most of them is pretty awesome. Eric takes pictures from the crowd. Orange pictures. But what starts as a company becomes a trio and after we lost Eric as well, Zuzana and I are the only ones left to dance and drink. Then, the network goes online again and we find more friends and we meet up with Mom and Sis for some more beer.

So things come and go until we find ourselves making a campfire on the balcony of my appartment in the Pijp, hoping Eric will find his way back. Opposite of the balcony stands a hotel. I’ve seen it shine blue, green, white and even all the colours of the rainbow in once. Tonight, it’s orange. It’s incredible how far a nations tradition can spread.


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