Woody Allen is a Shaman

Huh? What? No, you’re not dreaming. But, ok, I owe you an explanation for why I’m suddenly bringing this up. You see, I’m into movies, and lately I have seen Match Point and To Rome With Love. Yesterday, I saw his documentary.

A shaman is an individual who does not allow for enslavement. He does not allow for others to control his life. To understand him, even. He is in charge of the community, constantly working on the balance of power in it.

From his second directed film onwards, Alan has been the boss at the set. Total control. Not by being out there, but by managing the state of mind. He chooses his actors, he creates his communities and then just serves. When actors ask him if they are doing well, he replies them honestly, yet in a motivating way. He brings out the best in people, just by trusting them.

This is how a shaman works. Wake up the dead parts of the spirit to bring them back to live. Framed differently: he travels into a person and brings back lost parts of the soul. Woody had ladies play roles no one expected they could. He looks deeper. He sees these personalities hidden insde them, ready to be lifted from the grave. But Alan does not lift them. He just gives them attention. A little love. Et voila.

He chooses the Prince of Darkness for a jolly film. He mingles laughter with the tear because he sees them fit. Woody is free, while Alan is captured by this mask. Did you know that the word shaman means divine clown? Contantly playing a role that reflects the communities weakness. True masters of deception. Casting stories that serve the audience. If I may cite the docu: “heal the audience”.

But there is a thing about you, Woody, that I do not understand. If you are who I believe you are, why this agonizing fear of death? What are you really hiding from?


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