I’d like to clarify something about the title of this blog. I mean contemplate something. It’s about the word dream. Do you know that sensation, that when you’re using a word a lot it loses meaning? Talk to a biologist about a biological process for example, and he’ll ask you what you mean. I have been using the word dream quite frequently lately, and I feel it needs further specification and further exploration. Please be welcome to join in on this and give your ideas.

The dream. A state of mind. There are two kinds: “at the moon” and the vivid kind of state. “At the moon” should speak for itself. Lost in thoughts, disconnected from the reality of matter. Present rather in the world of imagination or, as some may call it, the dream world. It is perhaps remarkable that I would call a seemingly opposite state of mind a dream state as well. It is a presence where you are deeply in touch with your surroundings such as tables and walls, or with nature if you happen to be there. In this state, your sensorial perceptions work better, you are more alert and more attentive. A lucid state of mind; the dream.

Then you have the goal. I don’t know when it happened, maybe when we started to put butterflies in cages, but society has brought the dream down to a level where it’s used as a tool for control. The dream as man’s ultimate weakness. Never seen the ads saying “follow your dreams, buy our stuff?” The dream car, the dream holiday, the dream job, the man of your dreams and the dream life. The modern man follows his dreams. Blindly. It’s a use of the word I have grown allergic to. It refers to nothing more than a desire. Not that there is anything wrong with desires, but recognize them as such. Still, I do believe that the dream as a goal holds a magical dimension. The dream.

Of course, there’s also the traditional interpretation of the dream: the story that occurs in front of you while you are asleep. They say there are many layers in these dreams. Levels of vividness, levels of control. Levels of entanglement with your daily life. I think such layers are comparable with the states of mind in waking life that I mentioned earlier. Many traditional cultures world-wide wonder if the sleeping dream is not more real than the one you have while you’re awake? I would not go as far as calling either of the two more real.

I wasn’t fully aware of the meanings of the title of this site when I gave it. I thought of it as a cool name. It referred to the search of a balance between the inner direction and the outer circumstances like wind and the tides. I think dreams have a similar tidal character. I’m obviously not done writing about them, but now I wonder: what do you think about the dream?


5 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site. This is a thought provoking piece – ‘society has brought the dream down to a level where it’s used as a tool for control.’ Yes, i have often had similar thoughts about this – where advertising slips in between man and what destiny he might choose for himself, so that the decision is made for him. It’s not an easy thing to follow our dreams – often on my own journey I have felt like I am going in the opposite direction to everyone around me. But the one comforting thing is that when you find a dream, the connection is usually powerful enough to keep you going, keep you hoping, beyond the doubt that society may make you feel.

    1. Hi gabriela,

      I like your thought about that this connection keeps you hoping. Would you agree that this connection would have something to do with the “dream” as a lucid state of mind? Do you think it arms us against efforts of mass media?

      Thanks as well for passing by.

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