Contemplation Season

Fall is one of the American words I prefer above its UK variant. Nightfall, leaves fall. Yearfall. Emotions fall. Our energy level slowly drops and we get time to crawl back into our holes to hide from the cold to come.

My hole this year is our hole. A simple but long anticipated turn of destiny has brought Zuzana and me to the Sumatrastraat, in Amsterdam. Today, I find myself arranging a gas heater, internet and a whole lot of furniture to fill up a newly given space. It’s beautiful in it’s empty state, but yearning to be filled.

It’s a time of transition from the outward bound to the focus on the inner. Many of my friends just graduated, one has broken up with his girlfriend. I have been invited for a job interview at a very cool company that works with electrical cars. Many of us face big changes. But there is something about the dropping of the leaves that makes these changes extra powerful this time. Or is that the age?



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