I recently saw a few nice one minute videos on the history of the English language. One of them opened my eye to the fact that William Shakespeare invented about 2000 words. I think that’s really cool, and it reminds me that I also like to make up words. Persociety for example. It’s in the subtitle of this blog, yet I didn’t explain it so far.

You have probably noticed that persociety is a fusion of personality and society. It’s inspired by Jung’s theory that in our subconscious we are all connected. In essence, our personality is not independent of the society we live in nor is our society – which may have many shapes and scales – distinct from our personality. We consequently shape society with our personality, and society shapes our personality. It’s two way.

Persociety is the personality of society. As I am part of society, it is also partially my personality. So when I write: I am happy that Barrack Obama won the elections, this is not just me. In fact, I barely have a clue who that person is, nor do I know anything of his capabilities. I see him on the news and on youtube; he seems like a cool guy with a nice personality, but that’s it. Yet my society is happy, so I am happy. Persociety, can you feel it? Barack Obama is our persociety. It is the personality that we have chosen (yes we have) to represent us, thus also our personality. We can guess why, but none of us is entirely sure. It’s our persociety that determines it for us.

A different example: have you ever noticed how moving to a different country almost instantly makes you a different person? Speaking another language contributes to this effect. I felt this quite strongly in Peru, where I rose above the crowd far more than I do here in the Netherlands. Persociety. Change happens also over the years. Just compare some documentaries from 10, 20 and 50 years ago, and you’ll see what I mean. There you call it Zeitgeist, not to be confused with the conspiracy movie.

By showing what is going on inside me, I automatically take a picture of an existing persociety. That is what I do here. But I also have a mission. In this time of globalization, I spot that which is emerging as a global persociety. From a humble individual perspective of course, I’ll have a very limited view on what’s happening in China, India or Brazil, but I do what I can, and I’d like to invite all who feel te same to join in on this. I feel we’ll that somehow grow. To be able to keep talking about it, I had to make up this word. Do the same.

Persociety, because my dreams are our dreams.


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