Whoever wants to deny it is welcome to. Things are easy to deny in days with enough information to support any point of view. Some would believe such a denial at first. People with their eyes closed. Still, we’re at the dawning of a global revolution. Perhaps it needs a new word.

Some are speaking about it. Internet revolution, plastic revolution, food revolution… even Yoga revolution is a used term these days. The Arab people take over leadership. The Tibetans burn themselves to tear the Chinese credibility apart. In South America, people slowly start benefitting from the global economic growth. But this revolution is not about these rebellions.

I have looked for work for more than a year now, and I have spotted a hype in the job market. “Space for talent development in a quickly changing professional environment”. All employees mention it. The authorities are allowing us to become who we are. This revolution is not about that either.

It is becoming clear that our impact on the Earth’s environment has many facets. Programs are being shaped to avoid the sea from becoming a plastic soup. People bring down their own CO2 emissions and choose to live in healthier environments, eating healthier foods. This revolution is not about them.

This revolution is about you and me. Friendships, or, as someone just beautifully misquoted on Facebook, soulfucking. It is about the fact that in each others’ eyes, we can be more than a name, more than a number. It is about learning that instead of being robbed of our attention by smartly designed products, we can give our attention to those in our surroundings that we love. It is about the realisation that regardless of our circumstances, we are free. Once again we learn to exchange.

So how about Soulfuck Revolution?


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