Another Paul

I envy him a little. The guy who managed to find support for a walk around the world for seven years, and who’ll write about it. If I wasn’t so attached to my comfy ones, that’s what I’d do. And if someone would pay me of course.

So I am going to swim upstream against the flow of information and try to slow people down to … (pondering silence) … have them absorb stories at a human pace … at about 3 miles an hour.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Slightly megalomanic, but you have to have that quality if you want to make a change. And especially if you want to walk around the globe. I share his feeling about the information flow. Then again, if we are to stop it, aren’t we all responsible for that ourselves? Can we be? Or do we need a hero, to do that for us?

This Salopek figure does give me salmon associations, I have to say. Salmons swim upstream to mate. Perhaps a better way to describe his quest would be to walk next to the river while regularly pouring an extra bucket of water into it. He says he wants to follow the evolutionary footsteps humans made after Lucy. I hope for him that scientists will not suddenly change their minds about the way our ancestors have spread. What if they took a different route? The plan itself is admirable, but why all this extra information which essentially has nothing to do with it?

What will he write? Endless stories about meaningless people such as you and me? Will he discuss his own -perhaps inherited- insanity? Politics? The spirit?  How it is to be a man? I have no clue.

What if, within these seven years, someone decides to follow him. I mean literally follow him on foot. Blog along with him? Will he send that person away? What if there are more? Two, three followers, a whole group of people. Could he stop them? Will they build a dam against the flow of information? Haha.

I sincerely hope he’ll reach Patagonia in 2020.


3 thoughts on “Another Paul”

  1. Putain. That is a beautiful idea. He beat me to it.
    Is he going to do it in one go? Or will his wife get to see him in the coming 7 years?

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