Imagine you are a shaman and you have the power to negotiate with angels. What would you ask? What would you offer?

The Tropenmuseum can pay its bills for another year (Back to last year). I was back there with my mom. One of the artifacts of the expo “unexpected meetings” shows the image of negotiators with the spirit world. It is accompanied by a sign saying that such people occur in communities world wide. It made me think. If local communities used to have negotiators for local issues, wouldn’t our emerging global community need some globally oriented spiritual negotiators? What would you go for if you where you one of them? What would you pay?

If indigenous cultures are right and the spirits should be kept at peace, then our society doesn’t seem to do his job well. Big players of the world have cast manipulative energies over big parts of the world and most people feel powerless to change it. The needy nor the rich consult the universal wise.

Perhaps, below the surface of Ipads, hunger and other crises, shamans have their way of being in touch. What would it look like if they were negotiating for us after all? Will we soon see global elders rise, who speak with the gods and are heard by mankind? Will they show us the global way?



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