Indigenous Rebellion

I got an e-mail in my box today, with a dialogue between my friend Bas and a Hawaïan elder called Apela. She gave a call to European shamans to wake up, rise and connect. Interestingly, when I saw the message, I had already written the title of this blog post in my booklet, but I wasn’t entirely sure of the content.

Idle No More , if you haven’t heard about it yet, go check it out. Inspired by Occupy, Lakota have started protests against the fear-inducing Canadian regime. They’ve unchained spiritually led indigenous peoples from all over the world who are now in similar political struggles.

It’s not that big in Europe. Strange, isn’t it? Well… An important question in this matter is: who are the holders European indigenous knowledge? Witches have either been burned or converted by thousand years of effective anti-magic regime. People here are the suppressors’ descendants. If anything, Europeans owe the world an apology. But just like the rest of the world, the European people are divided and some have remained close to nature. Yet what’s left of the traditional European knowledge is hidden somewhere deep inside the dusty libraries of the church. Dead text with illustrations.

A Peruvian curandera once told me that the witch-hunt has caused ancient shaman’s spirits to scatter over the lands, and are now carried by different people at once. She said that the time is near in which the separate parts find each other back and stand up against the repressors of the past. The image has stayed with me.

I believe all knowledge is still alive in the dreamworld. I believe the people of the past have left clues for us. I believe we can learn from them. If only we know how…

Apela’s experience with Euro-shamans is that they are afraid to acknowledge their potential, because they are not accepted as such by their communities. My point is this: we are all indigenous people with spiritual powers and all of us are in need to be in touch with our ancestors, whether that is in words or in images or just in the feeling of being protected and safe.

Forget the chains. Let’s be who we are together. The choice remains yours.


2 thoughts on “Indigenous Rebellion”

  1. Hi Gilles – thanks for the visit and the follow. Nice to see you again. This is a really worthwhile post and I’m glad I had a chance to read it.
    ‘I believe all the knowledge is still alive in the dreamworld. I believe the people of the past have left clues for us. I believe we can learn from them. If only we know how…’ Your belief is inspiring.

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