Evil animal, they say. Symbol of health. We have entered the Chinese Year of the Snake. Problems, if we have to believe our Eastern brothers and sisters. But because it’s the water snake, the trouble should be minor. Small meteorites…

Some men are snakes. They creep through little holes in their prey’s mind to find the point where they can have it submit. In their weak spot. It has something to do with fear. It could be money, or love or perfection as well. That’s where they put a little bit of venom.  The experienced snake doesn’t kill his prey; it merely hides his access point in order to slowly keep draining. Until he’s had enough.

The actual snake is a powerful animal. It sees heat and hunts at night. But its own blood is cold.  It bites, and spits poison from the back of its throat. A snake can swim. It mates with the point of its tail. The King Cobra builds a nest.

Snakes play an important role in every religions over the world. Eve got the apple. Buddha was protected. The Mayans, the ancient Greeks and the Norwegians have snake gods. They are the sign of pharmacies. Its angry liquid can kill you, but it can also ignite your travels into different realms. Divine liquid according to some Hindus. A symbol of wisdom.

There’s a snake inside you. Along your spine. Its teeth are your teeth. It hisses with your breath. Its strength is yours to use.

Look for it if you dare.


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