E – ethics

Blogbrowsers and twittering birdies, anyone who uses e-mail really may have noticed. The internet society is passing a stage. We’re now shaping codes of conduct .

Internet has been a place for frustrated individuals to flame their anger to innocent people around. By remaining anonymous, offenders could exclaim just about anything and get away with it. Now, something else is happening.

With the emergence of Facebook and, more importantly, blogs, people are creating a space for themselves on the world-wide web. A cyber-identity. People literally identify with this space, it becomes part of their image, and perhaps even part of what they consider to be “themselves”. The interaction of these cyber-identities interact is in some ways not so different from a face to face conversation. As these identities get closer and closer to who we really are, it becomes more and more important to behave according to the rules.

Internet communication used to be dependant on the provider of the space for communications such as forums and chatrooms. Now, as people have their own webpages, there is no authority to tell us what to do. I have seen several bloggers who express their vision on the way to behave internet wise. Be constructive, be patient, be respectful, don’t copy paste without a mention of the author, be honest. That kind of stuff. The dos and don’ts of daily life are entering the internet. I find that interesting.

Online happenings are starting to matter more. The global E-society is growing up. We are growing into the web, and soon we will become it. No more games, it is reality now.

Scary, isn’t it? Should we avoid it? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t like to miss it. Curiosity has taken over.


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