Use and be used

“Something magical happens out here…” I’m watching this on the big screen. “Its an essential for life…” I’m wondering what it’s about. “Therefore, drink our milk”.

Astonishment in the public. This commercial offends me personally. I find it abusive of nature’s magical character. At my right, my old housemate, involved in the film business, mentions it makes little sense to him and that he lost the point half way. Behind us, an irritated sigh of which I think I know what it means.

We’re fed up with a trend. Green branding; commercialization of nature. Many big companies have little choice nowadays but to change their destructive image into something greener, kinder and more ethical. It’s a surface thing. A masquerade. A lie, to cover up the reality of conquest, enslavement and industrialisation of living beings of all kinds.

What if it’s the other way around?

Imagine natures spirit is dwelling among us. What if it has silently infiltrated big companies. What if it has creeped into the minds of big bosses. What if it is slowly getting denser, while they are steadily getting more nervous? What if the image of mistreated cows is haunting them as well everyone?

Are the big ones using nature for their image, or is nature using the big ones to secretly guide us into revolution? Is humanity still boss, or are we being converted from within the system? From within ourselves? Have we submitted nature, or has it surrounded us?

Time can tell.


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