Sailing on Dreams – July 2013

Once in a while, I define sailing on dreams. This time, I’ll be a little more concrete.

I’m an everythist. I believe that everything which can be thought exists, even if it is not always present physically.

Put differently: I do not believe in the separation between the matter and the mind. Objects are thoughts, thoughts are objects. They are wavelengths in a spectrum. Humans generally perceive them as entirely different phenomena because of the way our minds are tuned. But there are states of mind in which they do not seem so different after all. In dreams, for example, or in meditations. Have you ever feared something that was not real?

Sailing on dreams is the lifestyle of the everythist. It is travelling – physically, mentally – over an ocean of possibilities, without getting stuck in a single set of them. That is not to say there is no settling. The imagination moves, once in a while followed by a deed.

It is a calling. An ongoing need for the motion of the waves. It is a purpose and a destination. An engraved incapability to sit still. Meddling with the storms of creative obsession or with the playful breeze of a wink. Tapping little wrinkles on an ever-changing face of the unpiercable depths.

Is this fantasy or is it real? That question wanes on the shore.


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