As I sit here on the bed, naked because it’s hot, with a heated mind because of the amount of whirling undigested information, I realise that there is an important topic I’ve so far left unrevised on this blog. Spiritual awakenings.

I believe I could write books about this topic, but I’d be annoyed by the repetition, the cheesiness and the unsuitable choice of words in every line of them. I see this kind of information as something that is best described in metaphors. Still, I believe the topic should be represented here literally as well, because it is very interesting and contemporary and because it matches the theme.

In my own life, I can point out a few clear awakening experiences in 2004, followed by a change in mind-set, and a general increase of being in touch with my self and surroundings up till now. These experiences were anticipated, and not as sudden as they sometimes are for others. I may have even created them, although they seemed to stretch further than the limits of the individual me. It was a very contemplative, theoretical time, and I had lots of visions and ideas on the working of the earth, the universe and consciousness. Fun.

In times where Yoga is more popular than ever, blogs such as the Rebelle Society gain readers by the minute and video bloggers describe spiritual awakenings world-wide, one could easily suggest emergence of a cultural spiritual phenomenon. Looking at the general increase in internet activity, these givens do not say a lot, but the topic has a platform now, so it is leaving the taboo sphere. The mental association with paranormal and religious activity seems to melt, opening space for more honest exploration. And some people seem forced to do that by themselves.

The on line reports are unique and yet there are general patterns which seem hopeful in the context of material confusion.

The first thing that you see is the fact that subjects undergoing the awakening often seem to have trouble explaining it to themselves, as well as to others. They do try, which can lead to conflicts, or to the impression that the person has gone bananas. It may take months or even years until the concepts are found that allow for the bridge.

Secondly, these awakenings often go hand in hand with reappreciation for the fellow human beings and all others alive. The awakened sometimes even dedicates life to that by writing books, creating videos or starting to teach the path to similar realisations. Spiritual awakenings become a profession.

What strikes me most in these cases, is that people often speak of a sudden increase of meaningful coincidences in their lives. That may be illusion, but let’s suppose, just for the sake of the mind’s loose wandering, that such meaningful events do increase when the mind opens up to “the spiritual”. It would be testable in experiments. What would that show? That our spirits have more potential than we think? Or that some unknown power is arranging our lives? It may be a combination. Neither of the two match mainstream and scientific understanding, nor do they support the way our society is built.  That’s grand.

Spiritual awakening is a state with high potency to break and change structures. We all know people who go through such changes. It isn’t ignored anymore, it can’t be. It is omnipresent. I believe we humans can and should learn from it. Let’s use that knowledge for the global good.


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