When I say pride, you say … ?

I’ve been wanting to write this one for a while, partially because homosexuality is hot, but also because I feel the need to contribute to the discussion and because I like to walk on thin ice.

When it concerns the gay, there is much to say and even more to say wrong. To avoid confusion, I’ll start with my own position (isn’t it strange that one can speak about a position towards gays?). I have several close gay relatives. I have kissed several guys for fun, and had to conclude girls are better kissers. I have been offered gay sex on several occasions, but I was disgusted by the idea, so I respectfully declined. I was present at the last gay pride parade in Amsterdam, and though I enjoyed the boats, I think the whole thing became pretty lousy after six. Biologically speaking, being gay makes little sense to me, but I have no problem with gay marriage, because it has economical and psychological benefits for some. At occasions, however, I can be quite annoyed by gay extravaganza. I don’t think many gays are like this, but they do spoil it a little for the rest.

That said, I have a problem with people who publically come up for homosexuals while heaving no idea what is going on. Gays are the new Jews sometimes. Russia for example, is not much different from the way the West was fifty years ago. It’s easy to judge the Russians because they have people in power with priorities we don’t understand. But how many gay defenders would not experience a moment of deception when their kid comes out of the closet? Imagine looking into your parents’ eyes and seeing that lack of understanding for something as beautiful as being in love. Those who fight hardest are probably the ones who have not accepted it. Be honest to yourself and ask: how would you react?

We cannot change Russian politics, just like they can not change the sexual preference of their people. Being pro-gay is similar to being anti-gay. In both cases, people are trying to change a sensitive feeling with pressure. Such acceptance needs time. One who has fully accepted gays does not fight in their favour either. Ultimately, the only healthy state is open. Neutral. No position. Every person has his peculiarities.

Gays don’t own the rainbow. We all do.


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