Happiness on a map

A hand sized acorn leaf settles itself on my lap as I bike back from work. It is beautiful how nature can make you feel special at times. I’m on my way to Qu’awa D’or, a coffee place where I will pick up our poster. That’s where this started.

It’s been about three months since I met Korrie de Vet, laughing. She invited me to join a meeting about a happiness route through Amsterdam Oost. The idea: volunteers share whatever makes them happy with those who walk the route. I propose a week later that we use our garden for something. A fire for example. That’s what I like to do. But I’m open for more plans.

Over the past months, I have tried to mobilize the neighbours via our shared Facebook page. People were interested as we went by the doors, but nobody showed up at the meeting I proposed for yesterday. So no grand plan, no filling of the space, just fire. People will bring the ambience. That is, in fact, precisely the idea of the route. The lack of control seems just to be something I have to deal with.

A lady I met before awaits me at Qu’awa d’Or. She shows me the poster. There’s a map as well. It indicates all the happy spots in a colourfull way. It even has the name Sailing on Dreams. I learn that there will be a shamanic opening ritual, performed by the lady who took the initiative. She once dreamt to create this route. It will exist this weekend. Those are the ones.

I’m curious what these days will bring. My preparation was mostly in thought, little in action. But simple plans now rise. Be welcome to join. We’re number 11.


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