From the Bottom

Ever wondered what water from the bottom of the ocean tastes like? Now that the question is out there, it is pretty much in our faces, isn’t it?

Would it be salty? How salty, considering the fact that salt sinks? The pressure at the ocean’s bottom is far higher than here on the surface. Would it be saltier than salt?

Or, if we consider the Methane that bubbles out of the rocky bottom, perhaps a sip of the local water would taste a bit like bad tequila. I imagine that it would be sharper and more spicy than alcohol. Methane is poisonous, but perhaps a little sip wouldn’t hurt? Nobody forces anyone to swallow it anyway.

And how about the imput of the abyssal creatures that eat, shit and die around there? Fishy, right? They’d rot very very slowly. By making beer and cheese, we’ve learned that very slow rotting processes can add a lot of depth to a flavour. Hmmm…

What to think of the rocks and minerals? As far as I know, very few people consume rocky matter. Myself, I have licked stones on several occasions to find out what they taste like, but I couldn’t really discern anything rock specific. Yet under such circumstances, weird processes could alter their taste. They might taste like fresh spring flowers, ready to breed with one another. A joyful twist to the water’s taste.

The whole question becomes even more interesting if you consider the fact that in the end, everything comes down to the bottom of the ocean. All tastes should be represented. From the spike of a cactus, by the rubber sole of a shoe, till the asteroids that have made it through the atmosphere; everything has once been pulled into the depths over the course of time, into the water that I’d now like to try so eagerly.

There are many experiences our little species have already conquered. Many possibilities are no longer mysterious to us. This water is yet to be tasted. One day, it might become a very exquisite cocktail in Dubai. But perhaps some things are best left to the imagination.


One thought on “From the Bottom”

  1. Share this:Yes, I agree, some things are best left to the imagination. But, you know, whatever is a part of imagination has always been revealed, because imagination is like a memory of experiences from the long, long time back. 🙂

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