In circles

Do you know which group of people I find silly? Joggers. I’d hereby like to ask them all: where do you think you are running to?

Consider person X. Person X takes the car to work every day, sits behind the computer organizing his or her mind for eight hours straight, then goes home in the same car. Feeling lousy, person X puts on aerodynamic clothing, bouncy shoes and headphones. Listening to commands about speed and timing, person X greets absolutely no one on the street, nor is there any other contact than his or her unusual speed and outfit being noticed. Within fourty five minutes and twelve seconds, person X is back at the door he or she left earlier, two seconds faster than last time. Now, what’s wrong with person X?

First of all: bouncy shoes? Aerodynamic clothes? Isn’t person X trying to get fit? Then what sense does it make to make the effort lighter? It kind of misses the point, doesn’t it? Person X should wear thick winter clothing, perferably with a hat and wear a ten kilo backpack, regardless of the season. A healthy side effect of this outfit is increased sweating, which expulses the toxins person X ingested during the synthetic lunch enjoyed earlier that day.

Then this one: the running is to compensate from all the sitting, am I right? Well, what is person X doing sitting behind the computer all day anyway? Why doesn’t this person, say, build a nice little arty house in nature for his or her mom? Or help a poor truck driver carry some of the heavy stuff that will end up in person X’s fridge? Why doesn’t she or he bring some mail to the houses nearby? Constructive effort. That would make this whole jogging business useless.

Or how about the fact that person X doesn’t greet the stranger on the street? Physical health means the world, but a little effort on the emotional side is too much? Why isn’t person X joining a team sport? Something amusing that can facilitate some physical awareness? Let’s face it: even though person X is putting one foot in front of the other all alround, he or she is unlikely to discern the feelings of his or her third and fourth toes.

Finally: two seconds faster than last time? Well that will be of good use once a tiger attacks person X behind the safely guarded computer desk. Why does person X’s condition need constant improvement if it’s just for the jogging itself? Some secret dream of a marathon? Perhaps person X would like to carry an interesting fact along these 42.195 kilometers back to the start?

In summary: person X is a silly person. That’s all I have to say.


5 thoughts on “In circles”

  1. I like your thoughts.:) And I was laughing few times during reading. There are many ways to become a part of a system and all possible suggestions it has “for our benefits”, which inevitably always opens a new line of products that serve the same goal. “Good strategy” that has caught many. And if it were the only one, it would be OK. But, there are many more of similar kinds. The puppet show goes on.

      1. When I was young, in Amsterdam, we would say to a jogger: “Hey, they already caught him!”/ “Hé, ze hebben ‘m al”.
        The jogger never stopped because jogging had become a higher task for him or her. I think.
        Oh well…..

  2. uff, how judgemental…

    i guess there are jerks in any field of human activities and beings.
    may it be an overmotivated runner wanting to be “fit”, an ignorant writer looking for recognition, or a self-declared monk desperatly wanting not to want anymore, to be “enlightened” and thus he/she is sitting on a coushin once a day.
    whatever this person’s motivation is, as long as it does not hurt others and it gives them some sense of enjoyment in their daily life, it is not up to us to judge him or her…
    funnily enough, one old saying may apply here very literally: “Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

    any way, to awaken some compassion, this little tale may bring you closer to the motivation of the runner in a very personal and humoristic way:

  3. Hi Man!

    Thanks for dropping by and caring about my soul ; ). Nice cartoon you posted here. Are you a Felix I know, by the way?

    I hope you realise that this post is basically a joke. In the same way the cartoon takes down people who step into those tanning devices, I declared war on all joggers. Is that about half of the western population? Wouldn’t be a smart thing to do if it was not with a wink, I’m aware.

    But it’s good that you are vigilant for judgements. We cannot have enough of you guys nowadays!


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