Sailing on Dreams – February 2014

Once every while, I define or describe Sailing On Dreams. Here’s what I wrote today, combined with something I painted during work this week to inspire the kids:

Constantly looking for truth. Truths, more specifically. Where have humans picked this obsession up? Was it with the invention of doubt? Scientists, on the inquisitive forefront of this search, have developed methods to  disentangle reality-truths from their perceptions. Capture them in objective isolation. Some believe in the theory of everything. A set of words and numbers that explain the existence of cosmos, including ourselves.

Sailing on dreams also is a search for truths. A playful search. I guess the truths in this case are more relational than the scientific ones. Be it called Allah, Bang or Love, the way to know it is to believe in it. If thoughts are the ocean and the boat is the mind, than faith would maybe be the wind that blows upon its sails. It’s in the angles and the power of the confluence of these elements, where a sailor of dreams finds truth. It can be heavy and moving, but it can be gentle and blissful too. It can shake and break the boat, yet it can lead it to new tides, stranger waves and ever-changing colours.

Sailors of dreams will not anchor where the water’s warm and the winds are still: they can’t. They have to keep moving, have to keep searching for the winds, the waves inside themselves. And when, one day, distantly on the horizon, a sailor of dreams sees a fellow boat float by, he’ll wave at it and smile.


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