Five reasons why this amazing post will absolutely blow your mind

1. It has numbers
The human mind loves numbers. Indeed scientists have shown that using numbers increases your credibility by 86%. It has to do with the sense of structure they convey. In these speedy chaotic times, providing your audience with bite-sized chunks of text is an act of compassion, and if you announce it in the title, that increases the likelihood of people clicking on it. The number five in this title has a mystical connotation, which goes well with the theme of this blog. It makes a person wonder.

2. It was written in English
English is one of the most popular languages on the globe. The fact that this text is written in that language, means that you can read it. It would have been possible that I could only speak Swahili. That would have drastically impeded your capacity to do something useful with this amazing piece of text, which would have dramatically decreased its awesomeness. Or I could have written it in a language I made up, but that would not have helped either. So here you are, ready to read point 3.

3. It has a joke in it
People love jokes and laughing regularly will increase your lifetime with 16%. Here it comes.

Why don’t Insects go to church? Because they’re in sects.

Did you laugh? I hope you did.

4. It’s informative
Though not all facts in the article may be entirely accurate, the underlying flow of ideas behaves according to the laws of some kind of logic. People may learn something new when reading it. Learning new things is a good training for the human intellect.

5. It saves the internet
People often list top-down global internet regulations as the top threat to internet freedom. They may be right that it is.

What I see a lot lately, is that titles such as the one of this post a spread better than lots of others. They are smart because they speak to people in a certain way. They persuade the mind to click. And the more something is clicked, the higher up it gets in the rankings.

Such titles are a result of long studies of our minds. Companies and individuals now know how to attract peoples attention with random bullshit. Humans will soon get bored by “will blow your mind”, and it will be replaced by some other, even smarter bait sentence, which will then spread again. This way, we humans flood the internet with contentless crap, making it harder and harder for everyone to find reliable information.

This pattern of mindless clicking should to be made explicit. By becoming aware of such tricks, we can release ourselves from its grip.


3 thoughts on “Five reasons why this amazing post will absolutely blow your mind”

  1. ‘Countless crap of random bullshit’ sums it up nicely.
    You could have also included a fake (modified) photo in your article… such as some amazingly cute never before seen species… or an Orca swimming in shallow water and attacking a fisher or something like that.

    In the end it will boil down to trust. Trusting the source.
    For me it already has long ago. That’s why I clicked to read your article despite (and not because) of the click-bait title.

    1. Yes, or a girl in bikini if I prefer male audiences. I just felt too inspired with the five business there, so I couldn’t resist ; )

      Trust is important, but what will guide that trust? For the masses, it has not been the reliability so far. And overly trusting specific sources may also narrow our minds.

      And concering your final point, I certainly hope people don’t arrive here in the hope their mind will be blown.

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