Do you know what I love about being a man? We can do the most stupid shit we can imagine, break all social, moral and political rules possible and still feel genuinely cool about it. Men long to attain the unattainable. We thrive on breaking down the status quo just for the hell of it. We are not held back by little voices in our heads, we’ve silenced them even before we turned into boys. Men move forward to conquer and destroy! Until we crash upon other men.

Take a look at the picture above and allow me to explain the situation. The little boy was sitting on the middle chair. Chilling, listening to his music, he was king of his domain. The big man arrived with his female companion. He didn’t want to keep walking, so he sat down right next to the boy, creating a new domain for her, while taking some from the boy. The boy stayed put while the man, in his full male strength, took a few thorough looks at his back, then turned his head away. On the opposite side of the railway, a seemingly independent witness saw the emotional tension rise , took his camera out and captured them both in their moment of combat. Hoping the two not unattractive girls on his right had noticed this subtle move, he felt victorious.

You have no doubt taken note of the Goddess talk resounding through New Age communities and their relatives for the past few decades. You might have heard that before we entered this patriarchal age, the world was ruled by the mothers of their time. Men structurally murdered the powerful ones and climbed their thrones. Of course we have. We are men!

Admitted, we may not have the most attractive specimens of the sexes among us, and no, we may also not be the wisest, but we don’t care! No other sex can fight like men can! No other sex can undress the other sex with just a glimpse. No other sex can be blind, even with a healthy mind.

Men lead where others follow. We crush the threats to defend all those who bow. We will even be gentle to some if we have to. We don’t mind. We’re men! And at night, when we lay down our head, those who rest next to us will hopefully be the beautiful ladies we secretly admire. And we know that the rumbling rage was not for nought if it yielded just a single drop of her love.

We are men. And men don’t die.


4 thoughts on “Men”

  1. I see this article in the way Erasmus was writing. The point is there, all kinds of humor as well, from the healthy to the black one. Just to choose this topic is worth admiring. And your playful approach to it is great! I admire your work Gilles Havik, very much…

    1. : ) Thank you, Mirjana Sirbegovic. Your comments are always really motivating! Apart from his big points, I’m not really familiar with Erasmus’ work to be honest, but you raised my curiosity.

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