The Mysterious Bird Shit

Take a good look at this picture. What do you think the artist tried to show with it?

Four years ago on a nice summer day, I entered my room and found a little house sparrow flying against the inside window. I opened the window, guided the bird to the hole, and it was gone. It took a few days before I noticed the white stain it had left on my black booklet. It struck me that even if the booklet was only about 5 x 10 cm, not a single bit had dropped next to it. I liked the pattern somehow, so I chose not to wash it yet.

Some months later I interviewed a remarkable man about his spiritual experiences in city parks. He was all about synchronicities. One day, he was biking through Amsterdam when the thought occurred to him that he should adopt a White Buffalo. They are very sacred animals according to people from the Lakota tribes in North America. The instant this seemingly crazy thought popped in his head, bird shit fell onto his knee. It triggered him to crowdsource a trip to the wild west. When after five days he stood at a ranch of white buffalos with the stain still on his knee, the caretaker pointed out that it looked like a portrait the one he just adopted.

That night I looked at my spot again and started noticing shapes. First, there was the skull with big black eyes and a strange short trunk, out of which it shot two little orbs. Then, a shooting star propelled out of the upper jaw as a tooth after sudden pressure. Its tentacles then turned the whole creature into a medusa swimming through a big void with shiny stars in its surroundings. It was only when I took its portrait that I realised that between its gaping eyes, on a spot that had dodged my attention thus far, shone a massive flaming third eye.

In some eastern and esoteric traditions, the third eye is an energetic point in our forehead that functions as a place for overview beyond physical thought. To me, it is a place out of which you can let your fantasy flow between the shores of knowledge and overflow them if you want. You can splash them violently, erode them gently, reaching out for new perspectives on things that have been observed forever.

Ever since I’ve redefined the bird shit stain this way, it reminds me of my relationship with it. Think about it yourself for a while. Where did this picture come from? Out of the air? Out of the berries that our flying fellah ate? The further you let your imagination reach into it, the more meanings you’ll find until, ultimately, you’ll know that somewere in a distant galaxy void, a lonely medusa skull hovers around and finally has the chance to look at you.

What does it see?


9 thoughts on “The Mysterious Bird Shit”

    There is a superstition associated with bird droppings – it indicates luck coming our way. Two months back, i was at a place called Ooty, a hill station in South India and one evening a bird poured so much of its shit on my shirt sleeves. “Take a lottery ticket,” said my friend. I just laughted and washed my shirt.
    The next day, i was at another place, Attappadi in Kerala, and while at a vegetable shop a small bird dropping fell on my shirt.
    Immediately, i purchased a lottery ticket for Rs.20/-, my friend also purchased one.
    The next day, i won Rs.100/- and my friend got nothing.
    This could be a coincidence, but beliefs in superstitions come into effect like this.

  2. Signs are there to support our choices. Superstitions or not, I have never regretted when giving them my attention. The answer would always come automatically.:)
    In the movie „Under the Tuscany Sun” there is a beautiful sign of bird shit put into the sequence of events that changed somebody’s life. I do believe that it is so.
    I am not sure if you will meet the jellyfish of your life. If I were you I would put my attention on the symbolism of jelly fish.
    “If this is your power animal, maintaining balance in all areas of your life is an important lesson for you to learn. When the jellyfish swims into your life, ask yourself if you are flowing with life in a balanced manner or whether you are wasting too much time drifting aimlessly and not enough time actively crossing the currents and heading toward your goals. Watch yourself attentively and study the jellyfish, then balance can be achieved.”
    The whole story written by Ina Woolcott is here:
    Maybe you should meet her.


  3. Haha, yes, nice story! I like the symbolism, and it fits a little to my life.

    That jellyfish of my life thing was a joke by the way ; ) . I don’t fall for jellyfish. But yes, maybe I’ve just never met the right jellyfish for me.

    The Dutch word for jellyfish is “kwal” and it can also refer to men who have an overly drooling character. Not a very nice word.

    But this is not just a jellyfish, this is an intergalactic space medusa skull with a trunk, a shooting tooth and a flaming third eye. Do you know anyone who wrote a shamanic interpretation of that? I would be interested to read it.

  4. Not only Ovid in Metamorphoses makes the association with Medusa’s sexuality. Freud gives also some interesting thoughts about it:”The image of petrifaction symbolizing an erection may seem a bit farfetched – bearing in mind that the metamorphosis of organic beings into inorganic rock is a very common theme in classical mythology – it still touches on the heart of the ambiguity that to my mind characterizes the whole Medusa figure. Medusa’s male observer is struck dumb for two reasons: he is enthralled by the Freudian castration fear on the one hand, and by his sexual fascination on the other. Medusa repels and attracts at the same time. She is a snake monster but equally a femme fatale. She unites the beauty and the beast. ”
    Interesting polarities. The opposite to fear is love. That is why I came to another association.
    What are you avoiding and not daring to confront by looking directly into the eyes of (person, problem, situation), so that it needed to appear in your dream to push you. What frightens you so much that you do not even want to admit it? Your writing about emotions was great. These two go somehow together. I think that you could look at this what stay behind transforming you into the stone even at the thought of it, and to do it with this fine analytical approach like you did it in your article about emotions.
    You will find interesting thoughts here:

  5. Do you know what I like about you? You ask this question. Very few people do that, perhaps because they are puzzled, bored or intimidated by my e-appearance, or maybe they are generally not inclined to ask it.

    I like the thoughts on the medusa, can also very much relate to that frightening gaze. I think the fear there is not for castration, but for the inner monster to come out and rip the poor girl apart. I did mean medusa in the sense of jellyfish and not the mythological figure, but yes, I was the one hanging on to this word.

    Though I think that my approach is opposite. I tend to look straight into the eyes of the problem, confront it, and thereby choose to oppose it. That also is a kind of avoiding. When the fear is for the unknown, not looking at it is sometimes a greater challenge than looking at it. The question is clearly not answered completely, and maybe it never will be. In fact, in my very first post on this blog, I was also looking for the answer to this very question.

    But before this topic is just about me: what I wanted to show with this story was introspection in general. I wanted to challenge the reader to look at him or her self by allowing some imagination to work along, in the same way as my imagination worked along with the bird shit. In the end, your own imagination says as much about you as the knowledge you have of yourself.

    I’m this floating creature for now, what are you?

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