Oil to the Rockefire

The Rockefellers will abandon their oil investments and advice others to do the same. It’s history in the making. The movement is an indicator of the next economic collapse: the burst of the carbon bubble.

Five years, that’s how much time it will take until they shift all of their 860 million dollars to alternative investments, including sustainable energy. Seventy foundations are joining them, for a total of 4.2 billion dollars. Some moral arguments hover along their reasoning but it’s rooted in the idea that “the market is increasingly risky”.

I have little knowledge of the financial impact this will have on the oil market, but it’s probably not that much. What I do understand is the psychological impact this will have on other oil investors. A financial giant has just moved to the other camp.

Allow me to throw some oil on this fire. What will happen with the oil prices when other investors, now scared, start backing off? What happened to the house prices in the US in 2006? What happened to tulip prices in 1637? They collapsed. Now, I’m not saying that this will happen tomorrow, but there is no clearer signal that a ship will sink, than the first rats that abandon it.

Are you paying a pension fund? Do you know where it has invested most of its money? If you don’t, then it’s probably in oil. What happens if the tanker sinks? Bye bye, “security”. Would you like that? No? Well, then maybe now is the time to sell your investments and put them where the Rockerfellers do?

I’m just saying…


2 thoughts on “Oil to the Rockefire”

  1. The initial statement to this text is incorrect because it was simplified. I believe the argument of the text still stands. Here’s a short Facebook discussion that clarifies some things:

    Sacha: Your first sentence “the Rockefellers will abandon oil investments” is a bit missleading. Because only the “Rockefeller Brothers Fund” will stop investing in oil, although from their website it seems like they did not actually directly invest in oil to begin with. This NGO mostly invests in so called sustainable development and cultural and political organisations, as for instance the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. The Rockefeller founded banks however will not stop investing in oil, as will the Rockefeller founded oil companies like for instance ExxonMobile and Chevron continue being oil companies.

    Gilles: Hi Sacha. Indeed, I noticed the incorrectness of the sentence, and have done some more research into the matter. I think that the main point of my text still stands.

    Your statement, Rockefeller Brothers Fund stops investing in oil, is also not entirely correct, they will devest all the money they have invested. Besides, they’re using the name Rockerfeller to solidify their point. The investments in Exxon Mobile have in history been used to persuade the company to invest more in alternative energies as well, and there seems to be consensus on this point within the family (for as far as possible among over 100 people).

    My personal expectation is that this shift in the Rockefeller Brothers Fund precedes a bigger change, also among the rest of the family’s ownerships. I think they’re playing a strategic game to make the industry shift, minimizing their own losses.

    You can follow the discussion on Facebook – Sailing On Dreams

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