Do you chew chocolate, or do you suck on it? And do you play with your breath in your nose? Whether you dive in it or slowly let it flow upon you, one moment the taste is there in you mouth, the next one it’s gone. Try to remember what your breakfast tasted like. Not easy, right? I have to say I find it hard to get to the core of the taste even during the time when it’s in my mouth! Savouring is an art.

The first bite of something seems to have most flavour, but quickly after the first contact you have to circulate the food over your tongue. It changes, evolves and weakens rapidly. It doesn´t disappear, but if you keep something on your taste buds for a while, the sensation just hollows out, as if you’ve already digested its essence. You´d like to taste it better, but you are already saturated, so all there is left to do is to swallow. Wouldn´t it be awesome if your taste would get stronger if you left something in your mouth for longer? I bet that if tastes would get super strong, they would at some point blur your sight and weaken your tangible senses. Maybe even have you faint.  

If you would visualise taste, what would it look like? The wavy whirls of the air it travels in? The electromagnetic networks in your brain during the experience? Would it fade as quietly?

The sensation of taste in your mouth is self diminishing and the way it touches you elusive. In this time of omnidocumentation, it comforts me to know that taste remains a passing thing.


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