Here’s the thing

If you want to sound cool nowadays, or sell some random shit, try to make use of the fresh and fashionable word combo “here’s the thing”. Use it as many times as you want, particularly if you’re called John Oliver.

Not unlike other epidemic soundbites, “here’s the thing” is catchy and rhythmical and it has a symmetrical assonance to it. Besides, it fits to a few contemporary trends while at the same time adhering to important marketing principles. To give you an example: in storytelling, it serves as a rock upon which you break the wave of your self-created wordflow in order open a void that urgently needs filling with the introduction of … your product!

Now, let’s cut the crap and get to the essence straight away. In other words, here’s the thing “here’s the thing” represents, or: here’s the thing. It’s about importance. Deep and meaningful. Whatever follows “here’s the thing” makes all the previous redundant. And what does that matter? It’s all in the past. While your audience dwells in their tweet-sized attention spans, this thing here is all that counts.

And here’s the thing: “here’s the thing” can also be interpreted as a gift by the speaker to the listener. Here’s my thing for you. You may be grateful that I share this valuable piece of information with you. I have given your life meaning. Subliminally, I am now in your favour.

In a New Age way, all the previous events in your death-life continuum have led to this thing here that I present to you now. All your mental worries and physical struggles disappear. Just sit back and relax, and you may let go and be influenced. There’s only the thing here. And now.

Early adopters are using it in abundance, and it wouldn’t surprise me if “here’s the thing” will soon resound all around us. People wielding it will first employ it strictly to the things they find meaningful. Then, long after John Oliver has stopped using it, “here’s the thing I just picked my nose” will be a normal sentence to hear on the street. The soundbite’s popularity will wear off, and here’s the thing: there’ll be another thing. May I advise you to buy that thing?


4 thoughts on “Here’s the thing”

  1. Here’s the thing about your post- I’ll never again hear the phrase without wondering what importance is being bestowed upon me, lol. Ever used the term “for what it’s worth”? I find it to be the humble counter or alternative to the phrase in discussion…

  2. Here in America there is radio interview show hosted by Alec Baldwin called “Here’s the Thing”. As we do over here, we have already picked up the buzz words and are racing them to the bank, already sure that the next thing is rolling out right behind them! 🙂

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