The good, the bad and the energy

Let´s talk about energy for a bit. I mean the cultural phenomenon, the modern version of aether. In particular the concept of positive energy versus negative energy. And I mean it in contexts such as: ´this guy has such negative energy´, or ‘wow, you can really feel the positive energy here’. I have a bit of an objection against this distinction, particularly the negative pole, because it legitimizes judgmental beliefs. I think it motivates people to believe in their own projections, and by that stimulates the construction of their own mental cage.

The reason why I bring this up, is that the belief in spiritual energy is often seen as an emancipation from the religious dogmatic thought. Heaven and hell are let go because they are seen as a design to blind us from the truth. But if that truth is that you should follow positive energy and avoid negative energy so that you can reach nirvana and leave this semi-damned existence, then I don´t think much as changed.

What would you think if I told you that there is positive fire and negative fire? Good water and bad water? Sacred air and evil air? Perhaps you´d laugh, or perhaps you´d think I mean the level of pollution of a pond or a city street. Or maybe you´d say that it all depends on the intensity of these elements. Their pressure. I don´t think you would think that I mean that those elements are somehow negative.

Okay, so what if we assume that people who talk about negative energy mean to say that the energy is polluted? In many cases they probably do. My question would be: what is the energy polluted with?

It is an important one to answer, I think, because we´re talking about a medium here that, in my view, is easily coloured by our thoughts and emotions. That´s how a stressed person causes an emotional sandstorm just by walking into a room with people, or how a little kid can fill the hearts of many with delight. You would have to be quite trained or at least very sensitive to distinguish the level of pollutedness of the energy from the impact of your own emotionally charged perception on that energy.

I think that most often when people get negative vibes from someone, what they actually perceive is an incompatibility of their emotions with those of another person. I would explain this by differences in energy pressure. When an active person meets someone who´s tired for example, it can be quite irritating for both. That doesn´t mean that either one has negative energy. With a bit of willpower from both ends, such pressure differences can be easily overcome.

Energy could also be perceived as negative when it triggers a fear or discomfort. In my case that´s most often the fear of the unknown or the fear of being manipulated. It could also be the fear of not being accepted or the fear of pain or death. But being afraid of something doesn´t mean that this thing is harmful to you. And even if it is, harm will be healed.

What I guess I want to say is that classifying aspects of life as negative immediately makes you miss out. It is closing your own doors to life. I do believe that real, deep experiences of energy can be an intimate, revelatory thing with potential to give direction to life. By all means, attend to them as they come.


3 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the energy”

  1. It might sound strange yet I am convinced this approach works for me.

    There is me, my energy and the time I have to do my thing(s). Everything I do has an intent and outcome. I can largely control this like a cycle of “input-throughput-output” but between input and output there are life and the people that are part of it.

    Throught the years I have learnt that good company matters more than distinguishing “good energy/vibes” or “bad enery/vibes.” Accept others for who they are and make sure they accept you for who you are and choose your company wisely. You will need good company…

  2. In addition to incompatibility of emotions, I would also add incompatibility of expressions. From my experience, people get labeled as “negative” because of how he/she expresses himself/herself and how those expressions then affect or influence the recipients/audience. People who complain constantly, or people who always criticize, or people who always find something wrong — these are the ones perceived to “pollute” the energy of others and hence avoided. I’ve seen this happen even in social media when people unfollow/unfriend people because one posts too many bad news or too many harsh/blunt opinionated statements. Similarly, “too positive” people can also be shut off and judged as being unreal.

    It’s fine to manage one’s own exposure and interaction to people whose values and views of the world are not too compatible. But it is quite unnecessary to try to convince or influence other people to think or feel the same, or to put other people in a certain light or label. It all boils down to minding one’s own energy and what one feeds into the bigger pool.

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