Why spiritual talk has the same root as economic talk

It turns out I crave for rationality. I’m even sad about the lack of it. Now. I see chains on people who declare themselves free. Cuffs on my wrists. We are failing on all fronts, because we could not find the exit on time. Or maybe I read too many Logicomix.

I wouldn’t straight away state that Nussbaum was wrong when she said that emotions carry important messages. They might. They probably do. No, I agree with her. It’s not for nothing that I just dug her up from my past convictions. But to blindly follow emotions is a different thing…

Anyhow, that’s not what I was going to talk about. You see, I have a fulltime job as a commercial writer now, and that has made this blog into a haven. I don’t need to care about pleasing my readers anymore. Not that I ever did. And of course I still do. But this is where I’m free. Part of me, anyhow. So I say what I want to. Ha!

No. What I wanted to talk about, or at least what triggered me to return here is once again the fact that people believe things. Two things in particular: purpose and growth. Why are we here? To grow. Become stronger. Improve. Yes. We improve.

You see, it turns out that I tend to surround myself with people who hold some kind of spiritual belief. Both my parents were into esoteric shit, my sister likes shamans. One by one, my friends convert to something. Parts of myself are trying to make me believe I’m some kind of sage in a silly society. As within, so without?

We all seem so certain. Have you heard it? Things happen for a reason. We may not always know the reason, but there is one. Really. It helps us become who we are.

But hold on. Step back. Sure, there might be a reason, yet there might be none. The truth is we don’t know. Even if the angels tell us, how can we be sure that they know? That is, once we’re sure they’re not a delusion. We cannot be sure that they do or don’t, clearly, that is far beyond us, Where that puzzle may not be a puzzle.

Surely, this fight concerns myself, mostly. It’s me struggling with my tendency to believe. I’d love to say and be certain, like I used to, that our paths are laid out, that all we have to do is sit back and walk them. Learn. Ingest the info, the experience. Fulfill and die. Yet I’m back with my old, even younger self. The mindful critic. You may say so, but you cannot know and you should accept that. In fact, the reason why you say things, is because others did before you.

So I want to plant a seed. What if nobody takes care of that seed? It dies. A death of abandonment. How many did? How many have simply perished? How many never had a child? Infinite. All of us in many ways. With a purpose? None we’d ever know about. Knowledge into oblivion.

Yet what of growth? Isn’t that what it’s about? Certainly. And what if not? Are we caterpillars emerging into butterflies emerging into spirits emerging into memories emerging into the infinite for eternity? Is that learning? It may be. It may not. More likely it’s neither.

That’s where I miss most. It may not. There’s no way around it. It’s right in front of us yet so few seem to look at it. Live it. Sooner or later we will die. Spirit faded when it got a voice, I’d say. And I would probably be wrong. I’d probably not even exist if I did. Say. My imaginary sanctuary behind this screen, probably an illusion. I’ll believe in it for now, knowing I can’t be sure.

Am I really the only one who sees this parallel? Probably not. Nor do I feel alone in it, in fact. Just a little misunderstood at times. Sure. There is a place and a time where growth exists. But to say it goes on forever… Only economists and spiritualists do that. Where will they end up, I wonder. Nowhere, likely, because they are little different than I. And I’m not going anywhere. Or I may be seduced. Unknowingly. Guess it’s better that way.


4 thoughts on “Why spiritual talk has the same root as economic talk”

  1. Hey Gilles. I usually think of you as Giles. 🙂
    I enjoyed your ponderings. Even though you don’t care if I enjoyed them or not. Or maybe you do. Who really knows? Haha.
    Anyway. I can get on this kind of train of thought as well and would like to do it more often otherwise I just go about my days like everyone else seeing through the same filter, not looking deeper. Just living on the surface. Other days I am a seeker. Trying to understand, wishing I could understand and see things as they truly are. I have a lot of questions and wish to live from a higher place of understanding, my own understanding.

    When you come up with your answers, I’d love to hear them!

    1. Hi Suzanne! Go ahead and think of me as Giles : ). You’re not the only one. The right pronounciation is the French one, though, in case you want to know.

      I think my most fundamental answer now is that we cannot know anything for sure, but that we can see every thought as a representative for its context. The growth thought, in my view, is a remnant of the post-war ideas of rebuilidng. But there might be something more fundamental inside us that wants to evolve. I’m not against evolution of course, just against the imperative of evolution and particularly eternal growth, which I encounter both in economic and in spiritual discourses.

      I guess my most fundamental objection to the idea of perpetual growth is that while there may be a spiritual world out there where everything is infinite, the things we live and perceive to be, are not.

      And holding on to the idea of growth as an ultimate goal makes people and societies susceptible to smart top-down control.

      But answers come and go. I’d recommend logicomix by the way: https://www.logicomix.com/en/index.html

  2. Thanks for the response…Gilles (I’ll work on my pronunciation. 😉 )
    And I’ll check out the link.
    I personally love the idea of our evolution and am surprised we are not further along the path. And I’m not talking about technology. More in a social context and the piece about our perception of reality.

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