The News could be more positive

News again

The New York Times shows a surreal, artsy front page picture of a Turkish policeman who just shot a the Russian ambassador at an art exhibition and has his arm in the air, yelling about Syria. The Spiegel speaks about a truck that drove into the Christmas market in Berlin. highlights a shooting at a group of praying Islamic people. Trumps election passed through the electorate, and Wilders, who recently got a criminal record for discriminating and sowing hatred, was elected Dutch politician of the year. Again.

I just arrived at my dads place in Brussels, and am trying to count how many groups have got offended in the past three hours. It’s quite a puzzle. Who planned what? Who feels represented by whom? Who feels their neighbour should have taken distance from which items? Honestly, I can’t answer all of these questions.

Earlier today, I had a talk with my mom about the news. The problem, she says, is that most news is quite negative, which makes people feel desperate. She thinks that the world would be a better place if the news was more positive. My sister agrees. I’m slightly more sceptical, because I do think that we should remain aware of the downers that are going on and make sure we do not rest until they are kind of solved. That’s meant in a manner of speaking, of course, because we cannot act if we cannot rest. But I agree that a little more positive news wouldn’t hurt. There’s no large platform, unfortunately, that has its image of the society pros and cons balanced. Perhaps it has something to do with pressing need. Or with the fact that the new is mostly not so much fun.

But my trip went smoothly today. No delays this time. No masked men shooting me or any of my co-travellers down. No rapes, no thievery. The heating worked pretty well. I even managed to get some video editing done. Didn’t pay too much attention to the others. They seemed to be fine with that. My dad and his wife enjoyed their presents, gave me good food and went to bed early because they both have jobs and have to go do their duty tomorrow morning. Not unlike many others in this region of the world. So let’s agree that at least for a big part of the rich people, it was a pretty okay day again. But the coffee at the station of Arlon sucked balls. Hey. You can’t always get what you want.


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