My opinions

I thought it’d be a good idea to just list my opinions here. It has several advantages. First, having not written on my blog for a while, and to avoid I write a post about everything, I just stick to my opinions. Second, it helps me create an overview of where I stand in the current geopolitical landscape. Third, by posting my opinions here, I save myself the time of having to pass by all social media, forums and other online outlets and spread them there. Fourth, this also spares me the need for engaging in discussions. Whenever I disagree with someone or someone asks me for my opinion, I’ll just pass them the link to this page. Might even create an app for it. Neat. Arranged. Like a cupboard for the pieces of my person which aren’t generally in use.

The list won’t stick to facts, nor will it exclude them. And I am not saying that these opinions are fixed. Okay, here goes, in no particular order:

  • A fact may also be an opinion. That doesn’t make it less fact. It does make it less opinion.
  • Oranges are fantastic fruits.
  • Writing these down isn’t as easy as it sounds.
  • Social media aren’t social, nor are they antisocial.
  • Dualistic thinking, such as in mind-body, us-them, men-women, yin-yang, good-evil, light-dark, rich-poor, black-white, fact-fiction, is neither productive, nor based on reality. This thinking might not even be fundamental to who we are as a species. In fact, it’s closer to a prison of our minds.
  • Logical reasoning is useful, but used badly and overrated. Combined with our dualist bias, it almost always leads to wrong conclusions.
  • Time is not linear, nor is it circular. It goes in all directions at once.
  • Nobody likes work, but people like money. That’s why people are paid to work.
  • Societies in the West have a twisted relationship to sex and death, hiding both events in real life, but glorifying them on stage.
  • The fact that we keep old, sick people alive for as long as possible, sometimes against their own will, can be explained by the fact that nobody wants to carry the responsibility of letting someone die. When it becomes the collective burden, however, for example in the case of climate change, social neglect, war, or inequality, we are a lot more willing to accept our role in it. This is a hypocrite stance supported by legislation.
  • Trump and his family are guilty of tax evasion, and it’s a miracle he made it this far. It’s a matter of time before we find some of them in jail.
  • #MeToo hasn’t changed society much (yet).
  • Trade wars and blocking roads for political reasons are bad for the economy, but good for the environment as long as they don’t lead to armed skirmishes or wars.
  • There are no easy fixes. Not for climate change, not for the financial system, not for other problems. All change needs time and massive dedication.
  • At this point, nuclear energy is probably necessary to avoid out-of-control CO2 exhaustion.
  • Greta Thunberg is both gifted and cursed. The question whether her parents should have protected her from herself remains a dilemma to me. Time will not tell, as this was a risk taken at a time when the outcome was unknown. The same applies to all child stars, by the way.
  • It’s concerning that the most populous social movements today are generally not in favour of the environment, but rather in favour of regional freedoms (Hong Kong, UK, Cataluña, Wallonia, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru) or outright against environmental measures (Gilets Jaunes, Farmers’ protests, Trumpists, Bolsonarenho’s), while it’s the businesses that are taking steps, albeit small ones, to improve the climate situation.
  • It’s to be called fishy at least, that 4 champions of the fight against AIDS in Africa combined with local empowerment, all very influential, have died in 3 separate plane crashes.
  • All matter is conscious.
  • Combining coffee with very spicy food is always a good idea.
  • The global legislative system is under pressure, but it will not fail. Humanity is still quite reasonable. But the very powerful will always be able to slither out of it.
  • On the one hand it’s tragic that we have to kill to eat, but on the other it’s quite strange that I find that tragic. This may well point to a human misinterpretation of reality.
  • Facebook and other powerful enterprises should start building schools and hospitals where people go for free.
  • The financial crisis of 2008 has not been solved. But the fact that much of the work force is retiring, is an even larger problem.
  • All hope is not lost, but we need to brace for times less easy than the past 6 decades. The West, at least.
  • Sometimes, giving up is a great thing. Surrender is tied to freedom.
  • Ajax deserves to win the Champions League next year.
  • While the emergence of theme-focussed action groups such as third wave feminism, gay rights and black lives matter is a great thing, they will be not be very effective if they don’t work together. They need to keep looking at the bigger picture.
  • Tension in your underbelly can be seen as stress, but it can also be a source of creativity or sexual expression. Holding it consciously for a while, doesn’t hurt.
  • For a while should be written as such.
  • Mr. Robot deserves far bigger viewership. It is challenging Breaking Bad in quality. Breaking Bad remains the best series of all time.
  • Most people are quite okay.
  • The Dutch news really isn’t that bad either.
  • Democracy is functioning, though it could be improved.
  • Disregarding opinions by classifying them as “bigot”, “racist”, “mysogenic”, “neo-liberalist”, “offensive” or the like, is a form of violence. The method should be treated conservatively. It is prone to be labelled as fascist and rightly so, particularly if done by ruling institutions such as universities and news media. Open debate is always better.
  • The fact that protests are at a high recently, while the the stock markets are at an all time high as well, is not a good foreboding.
  • Humans are more resilient than they think. We have become overly sensitive to many things, such as strange opinions or critique, disappointment, germs, foods, irregularities in looks, irregularities in thought, broken clothes and suboptimal working conditions. I suspect this is because we are not exposing ourselves o these enough. Of course, that has benefits.
  • Most drugs are fine. It’s the repression of them that causes the problems. But I don’t believe these occur in bad faith, such as fear for the freedom of the people. I think it is a genuine act of protection. But most people don’t need such care by the state.
  • Marriage and love are two different things. One does not depend on the other.
  • Many basic ways to make sense of life are mutually exclusive. Most people hold several of such visions at once, but few are aware of it. For example: many people believe that they have somehow chosen their own existence, and also believe in logic to explain the world around them. Strictly seen, both can’t be true. Another example: atheïsts who believe that there is nothing after death because there’s only matter, fail to see that they apparently ascribe consciousness to matter, and that matter will not disappear after their death.
  • It might all hinge on the point between existence and non-existence. How sharp is that cut-off? Is the point itself transient? Could evolution have happened in a second? What I mean is, if time is omnidirectional, which I think it is, then it could have, it has, and it hasn’t. The question is irrelevant. But in that world, we have merely imagined death, birth, endings and beginnings, to alleviate the burden of eternity, perhaps. Or to create it. Because I can’t solve this problem with logic, I can only conclude I don’t know how this works, fully aware that that statement opens up a new realm of non-existence, being that which isn’t known. And what exists between the known and the unknown? Opinions.
  • Pepper is overrated.
  • Relativity is much more interesting than the absolute. They are no opposites of each other, because the concept of opposites is absolute, which excludes the relative. The same applies to order and chaos. The understanding of such concepts as opposing, shows the banality of the human mind. That is not to say that I don’t keep finding myself seeing them that same way.
  • Relativity exists through perception. Opinions are our purpose in life.
  • If our minds were devouring beasts in the sea of knowledge, then our opinions would be the phase of digestion of our food, the relative into our excrements, the absolute. Yet we don’t back off from the absolute the way we back off from our shit.
  • I find it pretentious of myself that I’m now lifting the simple act of writing down some opinions to a level of absolute meaning. If the opinion stated above would be mine in the absolute way, I would instantly stop giving opinions. Actually, no. Because giving opinions would be my destiny.
  • While I have not yet given all my opinions by far, I think it’s better if I stop now, because I am caught in a loop.
  • Making videos is a lot of fun.
  • So is writing.
  • Despite the greatness of 2019 with regard to film, Climax and They shall not grow old, are still the two best ones I have seen this year.
  • European Schools are good schools. I think it would generally benefit societies if there was more multilinguality around.
  • Hurricanes are mighty interesting. The way they move. Their power. It’s sad that they’re so destructive, but without that, they’d hardly be more interesting than an emptying sink with some ink in the water.
  • Val Dieu Tripel is the best beer. But alternating it with other beers improves it.
  • Midgets are inherently funny. That doesn’t apply to all midgets, of course, but to most.
  • There is no greater medium than sound to touch the soul. Perhaps sound even creates the soul, that I don’t know.
  • It’s strange that in Slovak, and probably in other Slavic languages as well, double negations act as single negations.
  • Zuzana is the sweetest chick in the world.
  • The dynamic between arts and power is troubled. It probably makes sense to look for the undiscovered, instead of looking for art in power houses. Even if most of what you’ll find will not be very meaningful to you.
  • Now that we are all racists, the term racism has lost its weight, so we need a new word.
  • Toilet paper should always be piled as high as possible.
  • Dirty dishes shouldn’t be piled up in the sink.
  • Ironing is mostly unnecessary.
  • Remote controls are very handy.
  • All forests should be protected.
  • There is poetry hidden in everything.

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