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As I biked by a newly built Dutch house, decorated with at its foot a little pond and a willow hanging over it, I suddenly felt as if I was in Disneyland. The shallowness of these houses, their lack of character struck me. The landscape is covered with a mask. In a flash I saw that when times get rough, this house would be the first to crumble.

Tinkebell publically sterilized herself. After speaking with some experts, she grew convinced that we are running out of phosphorous. She didn’t want to give birth to children in a world where food will be scarce. She wanted to show that our society is out of control. In a powerful way, I think. Apocalyptic thinking is no longer solely biblical. A growing number of scientists seriously doubts humanity’s capacity to maintain itself given its growth. Peak oil is close, water tables are lowering, the climate is projected into an unknown direction. Still, there is very little amelioration in either the western political direction, or the way consumers behave. We do not hold the blueprint of a long-term design. We have collectively raped the dream of prosperity by addicting ourselves to objects and images we don’t need. A bubble that will to burst.

Humans have long seen themselves as rational beings. I don’t see how an intelligent species would lead itself this close to the abyss. We have overvalued our mental capacities. Our future could help us acknowledge this.

When I saw the house crumble, in the set of fall, it made sense. We have built imaginary lives that are not meant to last. Perhaps I’ll live the day in which mankind once again perceives the land’s true face.